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*Taking the stress out of grooming!

 Here at Buckeye Pets (Grooming) in Columbus, we believe in providing you and your pet a truly exceptional grooming experience. Founded on the belief that pet grooming should be convenient, affordable, and friendly, we have taken this typical mobile business to a store front location near you; located at: 3487 E. Broad St.  Committed to making your pet’s experience enjoyable. Our goal is quite simple – to make pet grooming easier on you (drop-Off/Pick-up when called). We offer highly-skilled and certified stylist groomers to pamper your furry loved one. Grooming for your expectations and convenience. You can count on Buckeye Pets to go above and beyond to ensure your complete satisfaction. Just ask our customer’s.

Highly qualified, certified and trained pet stylists, you can trust that each one of our groomers makes your pet their #1 priority at all times.

Treating your pet like our own, we believe in loving them as a part of our Buckeye Pets family – when your furry friend is with us, they receive our devoted care and attention. With more than two decades of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to groom dog’s and cats of all shapes and sizes. Specializing in xxl large breeds, to very tiny breeds, and large felines. You can trust that your pet will not only look like the top dog, but feel heavenly, all without the hassles and stress associated with typical grooming.

Going the extra mile to ensure your pet’s comfort and your peace of mind, you can think of us as your pet’s second family. Air conditioned, heat controlled for comfort, cleaned daily and sanitized, opened front so you may see along with being able to communicate with your pet/s and the groomer.

We offer 100% Organic CBD Hemp Oil for pets whom suffer with Arthritis, Anxiety, Aggression, pain etc. Without the harmful chemicals, no-gmo, no-drugs, no-sedatives, no-metals, no-insecticides. We believe in providing your pet with the attention they deserve, a comfortable climate-controlled environment that makes even the most nervous of pets feel comfortable and we will stop to give them a few minutes for calming during their grooming session.

At Buckeye Pets (Grooming), we do wedding and emergency D’Skunking and grooming the right way. We ask that all pets be up-to-date on their vaccinations. This protects your pets and groomers from getting ill.

We are open from Sunday through Friday. Call Today! to schedule your appointment now!