Buckeye Pets Grooming

A service for your convenience! We are a Dog & Cat Grooming and Daycare service that is servicing the Columbus and surrounding areas!

 Our pet grooming business is locally based on the East side of Columbus, Ohio near Bexley. We offer Holiday pictures during the winter seasons.

Dogs & Pups

Doggy Daycare is only $20. per day! (5 Days Weekly 8am-6pm)

Pet Size & Fur Length

Bath & Blow Dry Bushing

Regular Price              Special Deal

  50% Off Full Groom Feb 1-28 Only!

Regular Price            Special Deal

Tiny 3 – 10.lbs $35. Basic                     $45.                           
Small11 – 20.lbs $45. Basic                     $55
Medium – 21 – 49.lbs. $55. Basic                      $65.
Medium – Large50 – 65lbs,  66 – 79.lbs $65. Basic                     $75.,      $85

Large  – 80 – 110.lbs, 111 – 125.lbs

$75. Basic                $100.,    $150.
XL – XXX – 126 – 149.lbs,  150 – 600.lbs+ $95.+ Basic  $150.,  $200.

Full Groom includes: (nail cut, bath & deep massage conditioning, blow dry, ear cleaning, hair cut/trim, paw pads, sanitary trim, deodorizing, and anal gland expression (if needed)

#GROOMING intake for pets Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm, Sunday: 10-4pm

#DOGGY DAYCARE is only $20. daily, 8am-6pm, 5 days per week! DOGGY DAYCARE and FULL GROOM packages are available at discounted prices.

#BOARDING: $30. daily with a 2 night stay minimum. Call for details 


Cats & Kittens                                      Cold Paw Special

Short haired $80   $75. (Bath, blow dry, brushing, nails)
Long haired $80   $75. (Bath, blow dry, brushing, nails)
Lion Clips n Cuts $80  $80. (Bath, blow dry, lion cut, nails)
Kittens $65. 2-11 months (Bath, brushing, nail trim only)
Sanitary Clip $20.00

2 Cat’s = $140.40  (65+65+8.%) Special

3 Cat’s = $210.60 (65+65+65+8.%) Special

                         *Flea & Tick Control needed?  We’ve got it!   We offer it in single doses and by the packs. 

Extra Charges

Nail trimming and Filing $10.00
Anal Gland Expression $15.00
Hair Cut $42 Sm+,   $57 Med+,  $86+ Lg 
Flee Bath & Tick removal $58.00 ($40 if add on only. Fleas are hand picked, bathed, and pill treatment)
De-Skunking $65.00
De’matting $40.00 
De’shedding treatment $40 Sm –  $50 Med –  $60 Lg.   ($30. Only if added for full groom)
Teeth Brushing  $10.00
Sanitary Clips $20.00   ($10. Only if added to a Spa Special Package)
Support your local Small Business’s  Military Discounts!

We Sell:  *flea/tick packets or individually *Pet Odor Candles * Pet carrying bags *100% Organic & Terpen Rich CBD Oil for Animals *Collars and leashes * Pet Snacks 

Organic Pet Pain Management Oil: reduces Stress and Anxiety (including separation anxiety and aggression), increases muscle repair after strenuous exercise, reduces nausea and stimulates appetite, promotes bone health improves circulation, inhibiting cancer/tumor cell growth, helping reduce and control seizures & blood sugar, it is also used by many veterinarians worldwide after treating acute elements like strains, sprains, torn ligaments, bone breaks, arthritis, and used for & after surgery care to reduce swelling, pain and stiffness. Conventional medicines have side effects, most common side effects of CBD oil is that your animal may get a little drowsy. Proven too work! Ask for more details upon your visit.

                  We specialize in small, medium, large and X-large Dogs and Cats. We even love the grumpiest!