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We are a Dog & Cat Grooming service for the Columbus and surrounding areas!

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      Discounts & Customer Loyalty Cards 

1.  20% OFF Adopted pets brought to us within the first 14 day’s of ownership.

             2. 10-15% OFF  Customer Loyalty Cards 

                   *can be used for a bath, hair cut, or full groom Only*  Every 10th visit is FREE!!

 We are located on E. Broad St. to better serve your location needs!

Dog Menu 

  All pets must be current with vaccinations!

Protect your pet’s paw pads with placing Coconut Oil or Aloe-Vera on the bottom of your pet(s) paws. This keeps them from cracking, splitting, being dry and causing grumpiness due to pain.

 Make Your Pet(s) a Buckeye Pets Pet by getting the full Salon Pampering that your Pet needs with Buckeye Pets!  

Pet Weight 

Bath Only    Bath & Nails

      Regular Price         

Full Groom

Regular Price

Tiny 3 – 10.lbs     $25.                                    $35.                                    $50.                           
Small 11 – 20.lbs     $30.                                   $40.        $55.
Medium – 21 – 49.lbs.     $30.                                  $40.  $65.
Medium – Large 50 – 65.lbs,  66 – 79.lbs.     $35.                                   $45.   $75.,      $85.

Large  – 80 – 110.lbs, 111 -125.lbs.

    $40.,                                $50.     $100    $125.
XL – XXX – 126 – 149.lbs,  150 – 600.lbs.     $40.                                  $50.       $140.,      $200.+
Paw-Pads, Nail Cuts, Filing: …….. $10.00  Sanitary Trim: ……..  $10.00 Anal Gland Expressed: ……. $20.00

Hair Cut: $40.sm, $57.med, $68.lg 

Hair Trim: Face .. $20.   

Full-Fur Coloring:depends on size & length of hair    Tips: $45.00  Ears: $20.00  Paws: $30.00  Tail: $15.00

Flea Removal: $68. ($40. if added on. Flea bathed treatment, blown dry, hand picked off, Capstar pill given)

Full Groom includes: (nail cut-file, bath & deep massage conditioning, blow dry brushing, ear cleaning, hair cut/trim, paw pads, sanitary trim, deodorizing, breath freshening, and anal gland expression (if needed) only.

Aggressive or Nervous Pet’s that require muzzling or extra staff to help manage them will be charged at a higher rate than the standard grooming rate.

This is because pets showing aggression or acute nervousness takes much longer to groom and puts groomers behind in schedule. We reserve the right to refuse a pet that represents a risk of injury to itself, staff or other pet’s. If staff is unable to groom your pet within the first 15-30 minutes, you’ll be called to pick up the pet/s or the pet will be pushed to the back of the line.

D’Mat1ting $40., D’Fleaing $68., D’Skunking $68., D’Shedding $50.sm, $65.med, $80.lg (very time consuming and takes 2 to 3 hours for a perfect d’shed) is not included in the Full Groom.

We will always love your pets as our own   

Cat Menu               

                                                       Basic Price/Current Specials

Full Groom  $100.00 (Full Groom includes: Spa treatment Bath & conditioning, nails, blow dry brushing, hair cut/trim, paw pads, sanitary cut, d’odorizing.
Bath & Nails $100.  (Bath, blow dry, brushing, nails, and paw pads)
Bath $100. (Bath, blow dry, brush only)
Hair Cut $100.  (hair cut only)
Paw Pads $10.
Nails $10.
Sanitary Cuts $20. ($15.00 if added)
2 Cat’s Full Groom $170.  (Bath, brushing, nail trim) additional cat – $50.
Flea & Tick Removal $150. ($80. if added on. Flea bathed treatment, hand picked off, Capstar pill given)

 Must bring current vaccination paperwork 

*Flea & Tick Control needed?  We’ve got it!   We offer it in *single doses *

100Organic  CBD Hemp Oil for Pet Management1 for $60. or 2 for $100.00 or $50.when added on to your groom. This helps reduce Stress and Anxiety (including separation anxiety, arthritis, car rides, aggression), increases muscle repair after strenuous exercise, reduces nausea and stimulates appetite, promotes bone health improves circulation, inhibiting cancer/tumor cell growth, helping reduce and control seizures & blood sugar, it is also used by many veterinarians worldwide after treating acute elements like strains, sprains, torn ligaments, bone breaks, arthritis, and used for & after surgery care to reduce swelling, pain and stiffness. Safe to take with other medications.  Our CBD Oil is legal  in the state of Ohio

Conventional medicines have side effects, most common side effects of CBD oil is that your animal may get a little drowsy. 

Proven too work! Ask for more details upon your visit.

No GMO’s, No Marijuana THC, No Insecticides, No Metals, No Sleep induced aides, No Pesticides. Our product comes highly recommend and is 100% ORGANIC! and it is

We specialize in: small, medium, large and X-large Dogs and Cats (Maine coons). We even love the grumpiest!


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