Buckeye Pets is sponsoring a local laundromat viral video contest for the CHAINSMOKERS CONCERT tickets!

Fallow the link below.

Wash’Ur’Clothes on Google: https://posts.gle/hxa1M

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It can be a hassle getting your pet groomed. Sure, they look amazing once it’s all said and done, but the process to get them there, in between your work schedule, practice, and dinner make it hard to find any time at all. So drop them off with us for a full grooming and we will call you for pick-up.  At Buckeye Pets grooming in Columbus, we offer you a stress-free way to have your pet groomed.

We take grooming to the next level, making you and your pet our top priority with every visit. Every three weeks, once a month or every other month, no matter when or where you need us, we will be here with a smile on our face.